My Splash Pad Warranty

At My Splash Pad, we serve our customers with excellence and integrity. We use high-quality materials and products. If we did not trust them enough to put them on our splash pad, we simply would not sell them.

Our staff takes the time to answer your questions, so you and your team know how to install, operate, and properly maintain the water park or splash pad system to ensure years of safe water play fun for your pups!

That is why, with confidence, we offer the following warranty options:

  • Our Aqua Jet 3-in-1 nozzles carry a lifetime warranty
  • 10-year warranty on corrosion from the inside of Above Ground Water Play Features
  • 1-year on the paint of the Above Ground Water Play Features

Taking Care of Your Features

Just like a car, if you properly maintain, wash, wax, and store your water play features out of freezing conditions they will last for many, many years.

Fiberglass Note:

Due to the nature of fiberglass, variations in color, grain, or texture will vary with each feature and might not be consistent with what is seen on your computer screen.

My Splash Pad Warranties cover malfunctions or defects of My Splash Pad installed equipment and safety surfaces not caused by improper use or improper maintenance. Damages or loss to a water park, splash pad system, or safety surface caused by fire, theft, vandalism, storms, and the like do not fall under our warranty coverage. We encourage you to discuss such coverage with your insurance carrier.