dog water park diy kits

Ready to install a dog water park and looking for parts? We have do-it-yourself kits created for canine splash pads that contain the components you need to create a durable and lasting water play area. Each kit has nozzles with interchanging sprays, ball valves, a drain box, and even more, depending on the options you pick! We provide you the tools we’ve been using for over 20 years to install dog water parks, giving your customers, community, or even your family peace of mind as the pups run, drink, and play safely!


For a dog water park, we only sell and recommend freshwater-to-drain splash pad systems. Recirculatory systems require upkeep and chemicals to keep bacteria at bay, which those chemicals can cause skin irritations to dogs. If not checked and maintained consistently, there can be too high or too low chemical concentration, which can also cause illness. And you can bet our furry friends will drink the water! With our freshwater-to-drain system you don't have to worry about dogs ingesting chemicals as the water is as fresh and safe as the water from your faucet. Freshwater-to-drain systems keep our canine pals that use the water play area happy and healthy!


Want to see one in action? Check out the Doggy Daycare Water Park we installed in Franklin, Tennessee. The staff trained their German Shepard to touch the Activator turning on the system for all the puppies!