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My Splash Pad Portable Dog Park Features

8 Nozzle Fresh Water To Drain Kit Dog Water Park Kit

8 Nozzle Fresh Water To Drain Kit Dog Water Park Kit

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My Splash Pad dog freshwater park kits are a great option for those who want a splashpad without the hassles and concerns of recirculation systems when using with our canine friends.

Freshwater systems are cost savers as well since there is not as much maintenance and parts. With our kits, you get all the same tried and tested Made in America components that we have used in our own spray parks and we provide thorough instructions as well to help make sure you give your community the best water play area ever!

Want to add even more water fun? Check out our specially made Dog Water Play Features to add to your pad!

Pre-built vault assembly

If you pick this option, we pre-build an inground vault custom to your kit to secure and house your freshwater to drain splash pad components like ball valves, solenoids, and winterizing fittings. This is installed flush in the ground to the splash pad surroundings and grade of the yard to keep everything safe and avoid trip hazards.

my splash pad 8 nozzle kit includes:

  • 8 My Splash Pad 2½” diameter housings with a Lifetime warranty!
  • 8 My Splash Pad adjustable Aqua-Arc spray nozzles with a Lifetime warranty!
  • 8 My Splash Pad adjustable Aqua-Fan spray nozzles with a Lifetime warranty!
  • 8 My Splash Pad adjustable Aqua-Triple spray nozzles with a Lifetime warranty!
  • 8 My Splash Pad nozzle tools with a Lifetime warranty!
  • 3-1” solenoid manifold with a 1-year warranty
  • Electronic Control box with a 1-year warranty
  • 3-1” Ball Valves with a 1-year warranty!
  • 11” X 11” Drain Box with a 1-year warranty!
  • Installation manual

Bollard Activator option

We offer a Bollard Activator system with a control box to help conserve water by having your splash pad run from 10AM-7PM for a certain amount of time (5 minutes) and will shut off after the allotted time until the sensor is reactivated by touching the stem. For example, if there is inclement weather and no one is playing on it that day then it will not turn on and help save water. This option comes with the color of your choice, feature base, rubber gasket, 8 bolts and washers, 1 sensor installed inside of cap of the stem and tested with the control box, and the control box combined with the solenoid control box that comes with the original kit.

Feature base with cover plates option

If you are thinking of expanding your splash pad in the future - we recommend adding our MSP fiberglass feature bases now, so when you are ready to purchase another water play feature, all you have to do is attach it to the base! We provide a cover plate that we can customize to your spray area and make it spray wide, or even act as a bubbler water feature! The plate will attach to cover the feature base until the new feature is ready to be placed, and we have several cover plate color options available.

Add-ons available for your kit:

Above ground water play features like our Dog Bone, Doggy Wash, Fire Hydrant, Tennis Ball and more to bring extra water spray to your splash pad!

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