Water play features manufactured with structural polyurethane or marine-grade fiberglass

Our water play features lead the industry in strength and durability. Backed by science, we use substrates that withstand the rigorous use of water play for years to come. Our commercial water play featuresportable and mobile water play featuresdog water park features, and residential splash pad kit features are manufactured by skilled craftsmen using structural polyurethane or marine-grade fiberglass.

Structural Polyurethane

Structural polyurethane is a type of resin in a category of materials like Polyurea. The process and composite properties of polyurethane rival all aspects of traditional fiberglass. Due to its structural integrity and flexibility, it is increasingly used in construction and civil engineering projects.

Unlike steel, which can dent when impacted, structural polyurethane has some of the highest impact resistance across many applications and can withstand rigorous use.

A Green Product

Environmentally friendly, structural polyurethane is a green product with no negative environmental impact. Unlike other resins, there are no VOCs when sprayed and no ecological waste issues.  

Potable Water Safe

We’ve ensured that structural polyurethane is potable water safe. If a human or animal ingests water from a water play feature it is not hazardous and is considered safe to drink.

Marine-Grade Fiberglass

Our commercial water play features with a stem have a texture to add strength. The reinforced fibrous material of marine-grade fiberglass does not have a smooth finish to the stem. Each feature may differ in texture. If you would like a smooth finish, this needs to be noted, and additional costs will apply to give you a smooth finish to your feature.

My Splash Pad is an industry leader and manufacturer

We are excited to remain at the forefront of our industry with our exceptional level of manufacturing. We will be transitioning all of our water play features from marine-grade fiberglass to structural polyurethane.

We believe this sustainable material will be the future with its minimal impact on the environment and the reduction of the carbon footprint we leave behind as a manufacturer.