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My Splash Pad Dog Park Features

Bollard Activator

Bollard Activator

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We offer a Bollard Activator system with a control box to help conserve water by having your splash pad run from 10AM-7PM for a certain amount of time (5 minutes) and will shut off after the allotted time until the sensor is reactivated by touching the stem.

For example, if there is inclement weather and no one is playing on it that day then it will not turn on and help save water.

This option comes with:

  • the color of your choice,
  • feature base,
  • rubber gasket,
  • Eight bolts and washers,
  • One sensor installed inside of cap of the stem and tested with the control box,
  • and the control box combined with the solenoid control box that comes with the original kit.
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