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My Splash Pad Dog Park Features

My Splash Pad Geyser Feature Base With Cover Plates

My Splash Pad Geyser Feature Base With Cover Plates

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Our feature bases come with cover plates that can be customized to create wide water sprays or even drinkable water bubbling features! The stand-alone feature bases are great if you are thinking of expanding your splash pad in the future. We recommend adding our MSP fiberglass feature bases now, so when you are ready to purchase another water play feature, all you have to do is attach it to the base! We provide a cover plate to install over it until the new feature is ready to be placed, and we have several cover plate color options available.

Included With Purchase:

  • My Splash Pad Water Play Feature Base
  • Cover spray plate - geyser spray
  • Winterization cap (thick, white cap)
  • 8 bolts and washers
  • Rubber gasket

Feature Information:

  • This is the feature base only, does not come with a water play feature. Just for use to install a water play feature for future use.
  • Constructed from Fiberglass And/Or Structural Polyurethane, the My Splash Pad Feature Base has one of the highest wall thicknesses in the industry.
  • The base is 9” in diameter, 18” tall,

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