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My Splash Pad Portable Dog Park Features

Small Spike Dog Water Play Feature

Small Spike Dog Water Play Feature

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Our Small Spike Dog is the perfect companion for your pet on their splash pad! He provides lots of spray to make sure everyone is staying cool!

He plays well with our Dog Bone, Dog Bowl with Fire Hydrant, and Doggy Wash!

included with purchase:

  • My Splash Pad Spike with three nozzle housings, 3/4” supply line
  • My Splash Pad includes three interchangeable nozzles (fan spray, triple spray, adjustable arch) for each nozzle housing. This gives you a total of nine interchangeable inserts to keep your Small Spike Dog feature truly unique and ever-changing.
  • A nozzle tool is provided so you can change out the nozzles with ease.

feature information:

  • Constructed from Fiberglass And/Or Structural Polyurethane, the My Splash Pad Spike has one of the highest wall thicknesses in the industry.
  • Custom painted to the color of your choice
  • 6 GPM for the fan spray and triple spray nozzles
  • 15 GPM for the adjustable arch nozzle

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